Dredger Clan Visits the Golconda

Dredger Clan Visits the Golconda

The Artificers Clan dredger has entered the Upaniklis system, where the generation ship Golconda currently resides.

The Golconda, when it was discovered in 3305, was still inhabited with the descendants of its original crew who left Sol in the 22nd century. They accepted the Federation’s help to abandon the ancient generation ship and resettle on the Forester’s Choice outpost, where their unique culture would remain undisturbed.

The Artificers Clan is a nomadic community living aboard a Dredger-class bulk cruiser, an old design that refuels by scooping raw materials and salvage. Little is known about this particular tribe, which rarely enters inhabited systems.

The dredger’s arrival was initially reported by independent pilots. Commander Javi Alvarado gave a statement to Vox Galactica:

“I regularly make trade runs to Forester’s Choice. I’ve made a few friends there, but the Golcondans are still very cautious with outsiders. This rush to bulk-buy their Apa Vietii for Rackham’s party has caught them by surprise!”

“Anyway, when the Artificers first appeared, the Golcondans asked me to find out what they wanted. I flew out to the dredger, but most of my hails got no reply. Only once did I get a burst of some rapid, densely verbose language. From what I could make out, they seem to be interested in the Golconda itself, but they didn’t explain further.”

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