Eliminate Threat of Grey Swan Fleet

Eliminate Threat of Grey Swan Fleet

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

Commanders have been asked to help destroy the rogue Grey Swan pilots killing civilians in the Shamash system.

Military squadrons taking part in Fleet Exercise Grey Swan became irrationally violent following an unexplained mass hysteria that swept through Garrett Orbital during a fleet training exercise. Captain Ulrich Maurer, commanding officer of the San Tu State Network megaship Khonsu Gleam, broadcast the following message:

“Shamash Future’s security forces have asked us to help stop the carnage taking place throughout this system. No medical or technological solution has been found for affected pilots, who seem reluctant to leave Shamash. Therefore, to prevent the loss of more innocent lives, there is regrettably no choice but to eliminate every ship in the Grey Swan fleet.”

“We are urgently seeking to recruit independent pilots with combat experience. Financial rewards and other incentives will be available at the Khonsu Gleam. Hopefully we can perform this unpleasant task as efficiently as possible.”

Wing Commander Mackenzie Coates was coordinating Fleet Exercise Grey Swan when a bizarre signal caused its crews to become homicidal. She told a local newsfeed:

“This is a nightmarish situation. I’m trained to deal with pirates, invaders and even Thargoids, not to hunt down my own friends and colleagues. The thought of them being turned into deranged savages… I know they wouldn’t want to live like that. But I can’t be the one to pull the trigger – there are survivors on Garrett Orbital who need my help.”

Participants are advised that the Khonsu Gleam aims to complete the combat operation by Wednesday 1st November.

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