Federation Pledges Resources to Aegis

Federation Pledges Resources to Aegis

President Zachary Hudson and Shadow President Felicia Winters have united behind Federal backing for the reformation of Aegis.

Congress held an emergency debate after the Alliance and Empire agreed to support an official tri-superpower initiative against the Thargoids. A majority of votes from Republican, Liberal and independent representatives approved the provision of ships, personnel and materials from the Federation.

President Hudson delivered a short address to mark the occasion:

“The intensified Thargoid attacks against the core systems demand a proportionate response. We recognise that Salvation was directly responsible for many of the tragic events that Aegis was blamed for. The Federation has an opportunity to correct that misjudgement and do our part to defeat a common adversary.”

Congressman Tom Gillespie has volunteered to coordinate the Federation’s involvement with any unified anti-xeno activities. Professor Shamus Madigan of Olympus Village University will continue to lead on xenological research. The Federal Navy has assigned Rear Admiral Daniel Parry to act as its military liaison, a reduced version of the role formerly occupied by Admiral Aden Tanner.

Professor Alba Tesreau has publicly thanked the leaders of the Alliance, Empire and Federation for their “renewed faith in the ideals that Aegis represents”.

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