FSS Upgrade to Track Anomalous Signals

FSS Upgrade to Track Anomalous Signals

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

Full spectrum system (FSS) scanners are being updated with the aim of discovering the nature of the interstellar anomalies.

Cynthia Sideris, chairperson of Universal Cartographics, gave this statement to the press:

“The scientific community remains fascinated by the phenomena that we have classified as ‘rogue signal sources’. At present we can calculate their approximate direction and velocity, but otherwise they remain a mystery. We have therefore worked with several corporations to enhance the ability of ships to analyse the signals.”

“Engineers from Auger Vision, Jick Nackson Enterprises, Long Embedded Systems, LURP Ship Systems and other specialist companies collaborated to improve the long-range detection capabilities of FSS scanners. Their collaborative efforts produced a firmware upgrade that is designed to isolate these unique electromagnetic emissions.”

“By agreement with every ship manufacturer, Universal Cartographics has rolled out this free update to all FSS scanners. Our hope is that with more pilots targeting the rogue signal sources, we can triangulate their positions more accurately and, perhaps, determine their composition.”

The objects continue to travel at faster-than-light speeds between distant systems, defying all attempts to intercept them. Their appearance does not match any naturally occurring stellar bodies known to science.

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