Rackham Reveals Presidential Manifesto

Rackham Reveals Presidential Manifesto

Trillionaire entrepreneur Zachary Rackham has launched his campaign to be elected as Federal president in the forthcoming election.

He outlined several policies during a press event in the tropospheric suite of Rackham’s Spire on the planet Homeland:

“As I see it, the job of president is to help ordinary, hard-working people from humble backgrounds – just like me. So I pledge to reduce all civil taxes and public service fees, and boost government funding for business grants and commercial opportunities. Let’s make everyone rich and successful – just like me!”

Mr Rackham is running for the position of Federal president as an independent candidate and claims support from several corporate interests including Rackham Capital Investments. His manifesto has triggered a surge in popularity, with several high-profile celebrities promoting his campaign slogan: ‘Just Like Me’.

However, economists have noted that his tax-cutting proposals remain uncosted and are considered virtually unachievable. The journalist Bryanna Blanco, who has been investigating Mr Rackham’s business affairs for years, described his presidential promises as “populist nonsense from a former pirate turned politician”.

The presidential election will be held in June 3309. Shadow President Felicia Winters has confirmed that she will represent the Liberal Party, with Congressman Isolde Rochester as her running mate.

The Republican Party candidate will be announced after Congress’s vote on the Hudson Contravention, which is scheduled for mid-March. If this constitutional amendment is approved, it will permit President Zachary Hudson to stand for a second eight-year term. Other senior Republican congressmen, including Vice President Jerome Archer, are also preparing their electoral campaigns.

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