Salvation and the Superpowers

Salvation and the Superpowers

The Alliance, Empire and Federation have responded coolly to accusations that Salvation has hidden links to Azimuth Biochemicals and INRA.

Vox Galactica published a report from political correspondent Conrad Sterling:

“Salvation has always been a contentious figure, and the logs found in the DG Canum Venaticorum system have polarised public opinion further. Some are enraged that Salvation may have history with INRA or be responsible for the loss of the Alexandria. Others believe Aegis’s claims to be false, a desperate attempt to save themselves. But how have the superpowers reacted?”

“The Empire is taking a pragmatic view, with Senator Denton Patreus focusing on the strategic objective of defeating the Thargoids. As he bluntly told the Senate: ‘Nothing in the Imperial armoury comes close to matching the anti-xeno superweapon’s devastating capabilities.’”

“In the Federation, Fleet Admiral Tayo Maikori has revived his investigation into Salvation and is hoping to authenticate the INRA logs. But other Federal leaders have adopted a ‘wait and see’ approach, refusing to be drawn on the controversy.”

“A broader range of reactions can be heard from the Alliance, albeit with little change in policy. Admiral Rachel Ziegler acknowledged that the accusations must be taken seriously, but added: ‘With the Sirius Corporation defence pact still under debate, and the Alliance lacking a proper naval force, we must continue to utilise all military options available to us.’”

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