‘Salvation’ Eclipses Aegis to Obtain Guardian Artefacts

‘Salvation’ Eclipses Aegis to Obtain Guardian Artefacts

*Pilots Federation ALERT*

Rival delivery campaigns by Aegis Research and Taurus Mining Ventures in the PMD2009 48 system have concluded.

Guardian artefacts were delivered to the megaship Glorious Prospect, which was contracted on behalf of the anonymous ‘Salvation’, in greater quantities than to the Aegis megaship Archimedes.

Patience Middleton congratulated those who supported Taurus Mining Ventures:

“This is a clear show of faith in the noble goals of ‘Salvation’. As a further sign of our commitment to those goals, we are pleased to provide the top 75% of contributors a specially engineered Class 2 Fixed Guardian Shard Cannon.”

The Pilots Federation has issued a caution that any ship modules offered by Taurus Mining Ventures will be automatically marked as ‘‘hot’, requiring extra costs to be cleaned prior to installation.

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