The Salvation Stratagem

The Salvation Stratagem

As the superpowers establish their fleets in the HIP 22460 system, Azimuth Biotech prepares to deliver a decisive blow against the Thargoids.

A segment from Salvation’s briefing to the anti-xeno taskforce admirals was shared by Azimuth:

“The Proteus Wave relies on power sources and components of Guardian origin, which will inevitably draw the Thargoids to HIP 22460. As we know, their hostile reaction to stockpiles of Guardian artefacts is instinctive. They have no defence against the weaponry of their ancient enemies, other than to launch pre-emptive strikes to prevent it being deployed.”

“Therefore, the Bright Sentinel must be protected as a priority while delivered artefacts are processed for transport to the Proteus Wave site, with independent pilots who support our endeavour aiding these efforts. I cannot stress enough how vital it is to keep the enemy at bay during this phase of the plan.”

“The Proteus Wave will be constructed on the surface of HIP 22460 10b. Its core mechanism will be calibrated to interface with one of the extant Thargoid structures present on the moon. The structure will amplify the Proteus Wave’s electromagnetic pulse to permanently shut down every Thargoid vessel within range.”

“Providing your combined forces can keep the Thargoid vessels occupied, the finished superweapon will ensure humanity’s final victory against the aliens. There will be no need for further superweapons when the Thargoid threat has been extinguished once and for all.”

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