Scriveners Clan Dredger Located

Scriveners Clan Dredger Located

*Pilots Federation ALERT*

The dredger inhabited by the nomadic Scriveners Clan has been found within the Oochost PC-C c29-0 system.

Independent pilots conducted a search for the vessel in response to a request from Orion University, which claims that the Dredger-class bulk cruiser is its commercial property.

Vice Chancellor Leland Pettigrew announced the operation’s success:

“Congratulations to the pilots who managed to locate Dredger J-403. The university will shortly dispatch a megaship to take ownership and arrange repatriation for its current occupants.”

The dredger is currently orbiting an ice world in the Oochost PC-C c29-0 system. It is believed to be collecting raw material from planetary rings to sustain its onboard systems, a design feature that allows it to remain self-sufficient indefinitely.

There has been no communication with the Scriveners Clan, the spacefaring tribe descended from an academic institute that was later absorbed into Orion University. It is known that they shun contact with all outsiders to protect their Knowledge Core, a repository of research conducted over the past two centuries.

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