Seo Jin-ae: ‘I Believe Salvation Survived’

Seo Jin-ae: ‘I Believe Salvation Survived’

Aegis has published a personal statement from Seo Jin-ae, who claims to have evidence that Salvation planned to escape death in the HIP 22460 system.

“First of all, yes, Caleb Wycherley died when the Thargoids attacked the Bright Sentinel in HIP 22460. But, I believe, only physically. He was developing technology to automatically relocate his mind, an emergency protocol he named the Nemesis Failsafe.”

“I know how implausible that sounds, but the files I recovered from an Azimuth Biotech archive prove his intentions. For several years, Salvation ran a private project to reverse-engineer a Guardian artefact which could store consciousness. The design showed neural interactions as digital impulses, and made reference to exactly retaining his identity and memories.”

“Salvation had already extended his life to over 250 years, and was obsessed with staying alive until he could wipe out the Thargoids. I’m convinced that he has survived in some bodiless form, and that Azimuth has known all along.”

Aden Tanner, who works for Aegis as an independent specialist, also released a statement:

“I’ll admit that the designs Seo found seem authentic and incredibly advanced. But the files contained no concrete proof that the Nemesis Failsafe was constructed, or if it could actually work. I’m more concerned that she was being hunted by unknown parties, who would likely have succeeded if not for the Far God cult’s intervention. Perhaps it needs to be restated that actively seeking to hinder Aegis, or its valued personnel, is a crime against all three superpowers.”

In related news, the Testament megaship that rescued Seo Jin-ae from unidentified attackers has now left the Luyten’s Star system, following a week of clemency offered by Federal authorities. A spokesperson for President Hudson reiterated that the Order of the Far God remains illegal in the Federation.

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