Successful Mining Campaign Sustains Azimuth

Successful Mining Campaign Sustains Azimuth

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

A range of mined materials have been delivered to the LHS 157 system to help Azimuth Biotech create new facilities.

Captain Maxim Lagunov, in command of the Glorious Prospect megaship, announced:

“This is the second time in recent weeks that our cargo bays have been stocked with vital supplies to sustain Azimuth’s future. These shipments of cobalt, gallite and osmium will be distributed to our manufacturing teams, and we hope to construct new permanent facilities in good time.”

“Torben Rademaker has authorised us to release funds to all pilots who mined and delivered these materials. This initiative has played a major role in helping to rebuild the corporation and continue our important work.”

“The Glorious Prospect will remain in the LHS 157 system for now. Pilots who have contributed to this initiative will shortly receive a Mbooni system permit, providing individual contribution targets were met.”

With the destruction of the Bright Sentinel, the Prospect’s Deep outpost in Mbooni is currently the only supplier of Salvation’s pre-engineered Guardian gauss cannon, Guardian plasma charger and Guardian shard cannon.

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