Taurus Mining Ventures Begins Scientific Study

Taurus Mining Ventures Begins Scientific Study

The megaships Musashi and Heart of Taurus have entered the Synuefe CE-R c21-6 system to perform a mining-related research operation.

Taurus Mining Ventures is an independent mining corporation closely associated with Salvation. It has acted as his intermediary in recent months, directly supporting his efforts to combat the Thargoids.

Dr Ruben Carpenter, head of the company’s research division, provided a statement:

“We have recorded some unusual radioactive signatures in the Synuefe CE-R c21-6 system. This has had a transformative effect on the molecular structure of certain naturally occurring substances.”

“Our objective is to perform a detailed analysis of these irradiated materials and determine if they have value as mineable resources. Customised laboratories have been set up aboard both megaships, and work is already underway.”

The Empirical, an independent journal aimed at the scientific community, commented:

“As yet, the detection of atypical radiation signatures within CE-R c21-6 has not been verified by secondary sources. Our editorial team has reached out to Taurus Mining Ventures for clarification.”

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