Thargoid Strike Follows Salvation’s Prediction

Thargoid Strike Follows Salvation’s Prediction

*Pilots Federation ALERT*

The Cornsar system has been attacked by Thargoid forces, causing severe damage to two starports.

Direct assaults against Chadwick Port and Ito Market stations have resulted in over ten thousand casualties. Local reports state that Thargoid vessels have also appeared elsewhere throughout the system, placing millions more lives at risk.

The anonymous figure known as Salvation recently warned that Cornsar was in imminent danger of being invaded, having been alerted by his new xeno-detection network. Aegis could not verify Salvation’s claim and saw no evidence of any Thargoid presence.

The system’s ruler, Marshal Noah Sharrow of the Allied Cornsar Constitution Party, transmitted this message:

“This is a call to any pilots in the vicinity of Cornsar. We urgently need ships to defend our people from the Thargoids, and to rescue civilians trapped within Chadwick Port and Ito Market. This is a grave emergency!”

Aegis has released a brief statement:

“We can confirm there is a Thargoid presence in the Cornsar system. Unfortunately most of our operations and personnel remain suspended due to the public inquiry, so we cannot contribute to any anti-xeno efforts.”

There has been no further communication from Salvation, despite his accurate prediction of the attack.

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