Thargoids Launch Attack in HIP 22460

Thargoids Launch Attack in HIP 22460

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*

The HIP 22460 system has been invaded by large numbers of Thargoid vessels, with several multi-craft conflicts already reported.

An alert was broadcast by Commodore Morag Halloran, military coordinator for Azimuth Biotech:

“As Salvation predicted, the Thargoids have detected the large-scale concentration of Guardian artefacts aboard the Bright Sentinel. Thargoid interceptors and scouts are now swarming throughout HIP 22460.”

“The Allied, Federal and Imperial taskforces have engaged the enemy. But it is crucial that their efforts are supplemented by as many additional ships as we can muster. All available independent pilots and AX squadrons are requested to take part in counter-offensives against the Thargoids.”

“It is also important to protect traders who are entering the system to deliver Guardian artefacts to the Bright Sentinel. The construction of the Proteus Wave relies on these vital components, and supply routes must not be interrupted by Thargoid strikes.”

The Alliance megaship Oath of Tyndareus, the Farragut-class battle cruiser FNS Fortitude, and the Majestic-class interdictor INV Audacious Dream are coordinating the tactical deployment of the superpowers’ taskforces in HIP 22460.

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