Thargoids Vanish from Cornsar System

Thargoids Vanish from Cornsar System

*Pilots Federation ALERT*

The Thargoid vessels attacking the Cornsar system have unexpectedly departed from the region.

For the last four days, independent pilots and local security forces have been in combat against the alien ships. Although some were destroyed in battle, the remainder have abruptly withdrawn back into hyperspace.

The starports Chadwick Port and Ito Market sustained heavy damage during the assault, leaving thousands dead and wounded. Evacuation efforts are still underway to rescue the survivors from both stations.

Marshal Noah Sharrow, the ruler of Cornsar, made this statement:

“We cannot say why the Thargoids have gone, only that we are grateful they have. I thank all the brave pilots who fought valiantly to defend our people.”

Sightings of crashed Thargoid vessels on planetary bodies in the Cornsar system have been confirmed by Aegis observation teams. As yet there are no official explanations.

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