The Xenocide Debate

The Xenocide Debate

As construction proceeds on Salvation’s Proteus Wave, there is widespread dispute on the issue of eliminating the Thargoids.

An article by Heimar Borichev, deputy editor of The Sovereign newsfeed, has divided public opinion:

“Salvation’s latest superweapon is designed to attract and then destroy members of the species we’ve named ‘Thargoids’. If successful, it would wipe them from the core systems entirely. But there are a number of questions that nobody seems to be asking, including this: do we have the right to take such action?”

“What’s that, you say? The Thargoids are the aggressors, out to destroy humanity? Or are they just defending historical territory from our expanding presence? Remember, they were navigating space a million years before we were. If a new species suddenly emerged on our worlds and began strip-mining our lands, how would we react?”

“Now, I’m not suggesting we should pledge ourselves to the Far God cult and start praying to Thargoids. But how much of the considerable military budget spent on this interspecies war could have been saved by a simple conversation? Has anyone genuinely attempted to communicate with them? If we’d been more focused on diplomacy instead of extermination, we might have found a way to parley with the Thargoids by now. How many lives could have been saved if our two races had exchanged a few words?”

“I maintain there is no justification for xenocide. This whole war is as manufactured as our name for these beings. Ask yourself why the superpowers would like you to believe they’re fighting monsters who can’t be reasoned with. Ask yourself how this benefits the politicians, the corporations, weapons manufacturers, security forces. Ask yourself who the real monsters are.”

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