Odyssey Update 9 Now Live

Odyssey Update 9 Now Live

Greeting Commanders,

Today we have launched Update 9 for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, bringing a number of performance improvements, fixes and additional features including the new Scorpion SRV.

Vodel’s new Scorpion SRV is built to tackle Odyssey’s extensive new on-foot combat action, allowing players to take the fight to both ground and aerial threats with two pieces of weaponry as standard; take care of waves of infantry with the Surge Repeater’s high-powered laser, or protect the skies with the Aculeus Launcher's tracking missiles.

You can check out the Scorpion SRV in action below:

Update 9 will also introduce the Multi-Limpet Controller for Odyssey and Horizons players, a new module type that works in addition to existing limpet controllers, allowing players to deploy multiple limpet types using a single module slot. This new controller is not intended to replace the existing dedicated limpet controllers and will be balanced against these within the game, allowing basic use of multiple limpet types without a dedicated slot for each.

The Multi-Limpet Controller comes in a variety of different types; Xeno, Rescue, Mining, Operations and Universal. Whether you’re embarking on your next adventure, seeking your next big haul or resisting the long-arm of the law, you’ll be prepared.

To find out more and to view the full Update notes for Update 9, head over to the Frontier forums.

Good luck out their Commanders.


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