The Road to Odyssey - Mission Playthrough

The Road to Odyssey - Mission Playthrough

Greetings Commanders,

In anticipation of the exciting new gameplay features Commanders will first experience during the Alpha phase, we have released a new video showing an Odyssey mission playthrough, which features gameplay captured from a raid mission.

The video shows a team of three Commanders plunge into a daring on-foot raid of a military outpost. Their objective: to disable the power centre and ultimately render the opposing faction powerless!

All three Commanders in the incursion team are specially equipped for their assigned role, selected from the wide range of space suits, weapons and equipment available in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey. Their tactical gear grants them an edge in their assigned tasks, whether it is to infiltrate the base avoiding detection, lay down covering fire if the alarm is raised, hacking, or quickly extract their teammates from a tight spot if enemy forces overwhelm them.

And in case you missed it in the video we are also excited to announce that the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Alpha will be available for PC from 29 March!

Stay tuned for more Elite Dangerous: Odyssey news soon!


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