Taranis Update and Titan Arx Reward Clarification

Taranis Update and Titan Arx Reward Clarification

Greetings Commanders!

The fight against the Titan Taranis is nearing it's dramatic conclusion! Taranis has already lost 6 out of it's 8 hearts, with the 7th well on the way to destruction!

With so many Commanders unleashing the full power of humanity against our alien oppressors, we wanted to clear up a few things about the Titan rewards.


  • Commanders who should have received their Arx when engaging the Titan have been granted them. There is no UI message letting you know this has happened but rest assured your Arx has already been transferred to your accounts.
  • The Arx reward for fighting the Titan heat source is awarded live after each heart is killed, and each titan has 8 hearts.
    Note that your contribution percentage towards Arx resets after every heart kill.
    The top 10% of contributors to each heart receive 400 Arx, so up to 3200 Arx is available per Titan!
    A minimum of 100 Arx will be awarded for each heart, as long as you engage the heat source at least once.

Stuck Heat Sources

Sometimes the Titan heat sources can be extra stubborn and get stuck. We are aware and working on a solution to this but for the time being you can fix this yourself by changing to either solo or private group play. This changes the instance which should switch the heat source back into working correctly.

The Titan Taranis is currently under heavy fire in Hyades Sector FB-N B7-6 and humanity is on the very verge of victory. Now is the time to fight for all humanity and show the intergalactic doom weevils that we know how to squash bugs! Are you ready to do your part?

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