Update 11 Now Live

Update 11 Now Live

Greetings Commanders,

Today we launched Update 11 for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, adding some exciting features for our players, such interior environments to Drake-Class Carriers and a new Protect missions, offering players additional first-person combat challenges to complete.

Fleet Carrier Interiors

Players can now use Fleet Carriers as social hubs, enjoying the breathtaking first-person views of space while inside these mobile bases. Take a seat, have a pleasant ride and experience Fleet Carrier jumps from a completely new perspective.

Fleet Carrier interiors offer players the variety of features and facilities they’re used to at a starport or outpost concourse, and owners can add familiar services on a modular basis. They’ll be able to set prices at Pioneer Supplies, for example, offering players the convenience of a vast array of stock but with an optional taxation to make it worth their while. Other services such as Vista Genomics and the Shipyard are also available, and players can access each of them while inside these social spaces.

The on-board Bar will be of particular interest to Commanders, and not just because it’s a great place to relax. On Fleet Carriers, the Bartender will act as a fully player-driven trading post for all of the resources found while on-foot. The Fleet Carrier owner will be able to manage this service from anywhere in the galaxy, manipulating prices, creating or fulfilling demand, and directly influencing the game's economy as a result. As a customer of a Bartender, players will find new avenues for money-making and obtaining hard-to-find items for upgrading their equipment, driven exclusively by other players.

Elite Dangerous Update 11 - Fleet Carrier Command

Commanders fortunate enough to own a Fleet Carrier can enjoy the ultimate in luxury, too: a private owner’s quarters where their Team alone can enjoy a premium view of the Fleet Carrier jump sequence. Owners will be able to enjoy customisation options for the interiors, too, with three different options to select from, available for free in this update.

Protect Missions

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Update 11 also brings an on-foot defence mission type called Protect to the game. Available from mission givers and mission boards, Commanders will be tasked to defend a specific objective at a given location, if successful then collect a reward once the area is clear.  

Finally, with everything going on in the galaxy its natural for Commanders to seek some rest and relaxation, as requested by the community, players will now have the option to sit down in all social spaces in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey with the launch of Update 11 – not just those inside Fleet Carriers.

Detailed update notes can be found here.

See you in the black Commanders.


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