Update Notes

Update Notes

  • (10 June 2022)
  • 4.0.12 (7 June 2022)
  • (22 March 2022)
  • 4.0.11 (15 March 2022)

Elite Dangerous - Update Notes

Greetings Commanders,

A patch is due to go live this afternoon at 14:00 UTC to implement the changes listed below. Downtime is expected to last around 30 minutes. These changes follow feedback and issue reports after the release of Update 11:

Fleet Carrier Bartenders

  • The Fleet Carrier Bartender material capacity has been increased to 1000, from 100.
  • Fixed a disconnection caused at the Fleet Carrier bartender when two players try to buy, sell or transfer the same items simultaneously.


  • Fixed a crash that triggered when jumping in a Fleet Carrier.
  • Fixed a crash that triggered when players were escorted to their chair for a Fleet Carrier jump.


  • Fixed Commanders being able to stand up before the jump completion notification.
  • Fixed Fleet Carrier owners being added to a new instance when updating livery options.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the default Drake Layout for the Fleet Carrier being re-selected.

Protect Missions

  • Fixed AI sometimes not prioritising disabling the Cargo Loader shield during Protect missions.
  • Fixed the Cargo Loader state sometimes not updating when hacked by AI during Protect Missions.


  • Fixed players floating and losing access to menus when exiting seated position.
  • Fixed an issue causing crew avatars to be duplicated when Carrier facilities are installed in quick succession.
  • Fixed truncated mission text in some languages
  • Fixed Engineers not progressing when requirements are met.


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