Update Notes

Update Notes

  • (28 May 2024)
  • (16 May 2024)
  • (7 May 2024)
  • (9 April 2024)
  • (6 March 2024)
  • (26 February 2024)

Elite Dangerous - 4.0.12 Update Notes

Greetings Commanders,

A new update is available today for Elite Dangerous which includes a number of fixes and improvements. Please find the full update notes below.

Features of Note

  • Added an illegal variant of the Settlement Defence mission to provide support to criminal factions being raided by Omnipol.
  • The "Pre-Engineered" Frame Shift Drives obtained through recent in-game events can now have experimental effects applied.
    • This change also includes descriptions, tooltips, and fixes to various UI flows for many other pre-engineered modules allowing Commanders to better identify which modules are pre-engineered and if they will accept any further modification.
    • The development and customer support teams would like to thank everyone who waited patiently for this fix.
  • A shipyard terminal has been added to the on-foot areas within detention centres allowing Commanders to recall their active ship rather than being forced to take a shuttle.
  • When a player's bounty is claimed whilst they're on foot, their active ship will be impounded at the detention centre they're sent to.
  • Added the ability to access a number of UI elements whilst seated, such as the comms panel.
  • You can now interact with the Bartender whilst sitting at the bar (within range).
  • The screen attached to the Owner's Chair on the Fleet Carrier is now interactable (whilst seated) and will take the owner to the Carrier Management UI.


  • Non-combative humanoid AI are now more effective at removing themselves from combat during raid missions.
  • Following the conclusion of a raid, resident humanoid AI are less likely to become hostile with any player who aided them, unless they are provoked.
  • Fixed duplication of engineers who spawn inside ship hangars caused by the player repeatedly requesting and cancelling docking.
  • Prevented hostility between friendly ships when in the presence of a significant common enemy.
  • Fixed bug that would sometimes cause ship-launched fighters to be assigned two AI pilots.
  • Fixed a clothing arrangement that was causing clipping on certain NPCs in space stations.
  • NPCs in Fleet Carriers will no longer have conversations as if they were in starports.


  • Fixed missing UI sound when selling stock in the Fleet Carrier Management screen.
  • Fixed missing elements of the SRV turret's Audio when firing
  • Fixed the SRV's turret gun shots sounding muffled when ammo count was below 270.
  • Fixed Capital Ship and SRV Turret Weapon Fire audio playing on the wrong Audio Emitter Position
  • Fixed all ship weapon hardpoints sounding muffled when in normal space.
  • Fixed various instances of missing audio for damaged stations (fires, explosions and alarms).
  • Fixed missing fire and alarm sounds when logging in to a ship docked at a damaged station.
  • Fixed damaged station fire sounds turning on and off quickly and harshly
  • Fixed Cuttable panels sound rapidly retriggering when it hits the ground
  • Rebalanced NPC conversation frequency in concourses.
  • Fixed various issues with music when transitioning between Ship/SRV/On-foot.
  • Fixed missing attack swing sounds when performing melee hits with tools.
  • Improved audio behaviour of deploy and stow sounds for the Fleet Carrier Captains tablet.
  • Fixed the Fleet Carrier purchase movie's volume not following the game's volume sliders.
  • Fixed some abrupt audio transitions on fumaroles and geysers.
  • Rebalanced the audio mix for Skimmers whilst on foot and in SRV
  • Fixed ambiences being too loud when logging in to a ship docked at an engineer base.
  • Fixed missing In space Dogfight Combat music
  • Fixed Stopped various UI sounds which would continue looping after exiting the screen that triggered them.


  • Fixed player torsos sometimes disappearing when looking down on uneven surfaces.
  • Hand motions of the ship's pilot should correctly match flight maneuvers when observed via multicrew following a hyperspace jump.
  • Fixed several clipping issues on the Vintage outfits.
  • Fixed hair appearing alongside hats on the Frontline Solutions vendors.
  • Fixed torso clipping with the camera when using an extremely high FOV and sitting on the bar stool.


  • Ship kits should now correctly block the vanity camera.
  • Fixed a Scarlet Krait error when destroying your own ship from a fighter.
  • Fixed a rare Scarlet Krait error when deploying an SRV.
  • The ambient temperature of the ship's location is now taken into consideration when a ship is running cold enough to have previously built up ice on the canopy.


  • Fixed an issue where setting ambient occlusion to "low" would cause artefacts
  • Fixed an issue where volumetric effects such as fog could have silhouette artefacts depending on quality or resolution scales
  • Fixed an issue where Trespass zones appeared very dark/black on the radar
  • Fixed an issue where flickering of invalid pixel values occasionally being generated in ring fog
  • Fixed an issue where a triangular pattern would be present in planet normals on certain GPUs
  • Fixed an issue where night vision would be applied to thumbnail generation
  • Fixed an issue where a black box could appear on the main menu in certain scenarios when either in or switching to VR
  • Fixed an issue where the introduction during the on-foot tutorial would not be correctly displayed when in VR


  • Fixed an issue to ensure the organics heatmap properly initialises to the selected filter when the scan completes instead of defaulting to all
  • Fixed incorrect genus names for brain tree organics displaying when selling data
  • Guardian site pylons will now emerge when approached on foot and the charging timers are visible while on foot.
  • Thargoid surface sites will now open automatically for exits, entry still requires an SRV carrying the correct cargo.


  • Anarchy factions now offer full market value for stolen commodities.

Performance & Optimisation

  • Reduced the amount of work required by avatars that are not visible.
  • Shadowed lights will now render more efficiently.
  • Miscellaneous optimisations to the rendering of all light types.
  • Rebalance the use of cached particle lighting, reducing the performance impact of particle-heavy scenes.
  • Optimised player proximity checks for terminals in settlements.
  • Optimisations to on foot animation blending.
  • Improvements to the occlusion system.


  • Fixed some NPCs getting stuck when dropping in during a Defence Mission.
  • Fixed a broken inbox message sent during megaship missions.

Fleet Carriers

  • Fixed server errors when using Fleet Carrier services that have individual tariffs set.
  • Fix a Yellow Adder error when confirming the transfer of items to or from a Fleet Carrier.
  • Fixed Fleet Carrier jumps being possible to schedule during cooldown.


  • Fix for anti-xeno conflict zone progression sometimes getting stuck due to authority transfers.
  • Fix for issues connecting to telepresence multicrew sessions when near certain planets.
  • Fixed an "Unable to load commander data" login error for players with an excessively large bounty.
  • Fix a bug preventing players from joining some newly created private groups.


  • Fixed several settlement clipping issues.
  • The cargo loader found at settlements now has a schematic.
  • Added Exobiology ship decals.
  • Added some optimisations for holoscreen materials.
  • Fixed a number of occlusion issues on doorframes.
  • Corrected the model used for a basic door frame.
  • Fixed a decal which was incorrectly mirrored.
  • Fixed the Fleet Carrier Command Tower's hitcheck to remedy some issues with the vanity camera.
  • Fixed an issue in the Pioneer Supplies Fleet Carrier store where the player could become snagged.
  • Various geometry and texture issues resolved in hangars.
  • Added some missing decals to the L1 Lod of the Asp Scout.
  • Adjusted the nameplate on the Diamondback Scout slightly so it is not partially obscured
  • Fixed an area in the Fleet Carrier bar where it was possible to get the vanity camera out of bounds.
  • Fixed some z-fighting on the Fleet Carrier's shutter doors.
  • Fixed the shield being slightly offset on the Guardian Fighters.
  • Adjusted the fade range of some Thargoid decals used in settlements to improve visuals.
  • Fixed some z-fighting on the floor of a depot building.
  • Fixed a number of floating decals on a legacy building.
  • Remodelled the steps at the side of the Owner's chair on the Fleet Carrier.
  • Various fixes to the Viper MKIV.
  • Fixed some edge clipping seen at barnacle sites.
  • Fixed a barnacle spike which was pushed underground
  • Hitcheck fixes for the Gateway tower arch seen at some Horizons settlements.
  • Fixed vanity camera sometimes being able to pass through the window on planet port concourses.
  • Fixed a railing model which had an offset LOD.
  • Fixed a glass material used on a prop in the habitat building.
  • Fixed a problem where the player could become stuck in the Fleet Carrier corridor leading to the bar.
  • Fixed a number of floating items appearing at Guardian sites.
  • Improved the arm for the Fleet Carrier Owner's chair screen.
  • Fixed an issue with the Python cockpit and some external geometry which was clipping through to the interior.
  • Fixed some z-fighting on the main console seen on the Fleet Carrier bridge.
  • Centred some UI locators in the Type9 cockpit which were offset slightly.
  • Adjusted the hitcheck for the Python to fix an issue with the vanity camera being able to see inside of the hull in places.
  • Fixed the hitcheck material for the Electricae organics so that the player ship cannot clip though.
  • Re-made the ambient occlusion maps for the Type-9 to remove some baked-in shadows that should not have been there.
  • Fixed a number of UV mapping issues on the Anaconda.
  • Adjusted and re-organised the materials used for Thargoid damage decals to optimise and improve quality slightly.
  • Fixed the Scorpion SRV vanity cameras being inverted for the rear seat.
  • Added a layer of hitcheck to the social area lifts to prevent the vanity camera from entering and getting out of bounds.
  • Adjusted bar stools so that NPCs and players are now more centred when seated.
  • Minor change to Stygian paint jobs to reduce the texture compression artefacts when using a torchlight under the ship.
  • Added hitcheck to the Anaconda upper hardpoint doors, fighter bays doors, and the heat vent doors.
  • Fixed hitcheck on Anaconda which was causing an issue with the vanity camera.
  • Fixed an offset detail dome model used on Fleet Carrier externals.
  • Fixed error in the ambient occlusion map for a ship kit piece on the Python.
  • Re-exported a number of wallset pieces to fix and improve occlusion culling in Odyssey settlements.
  • Fixed the Fleet Carriers seen under construction having a hole where the concourse would normally be.
  • Fixed an issue on the upper hard point doors on the Python.
  • Fixed an obscure piece of geometry which was clipping through part of the hangar lobby in some "large" hangars.
  • Adjusted the Exploration decals to be more metallic and more closely match their appearance in Horizons.
  • Fixed a number of mapping issues on an Anaconda Raider ship kit piece.
  • Added new occlusion geometry around all stations (Coriolis, Orbis, Ocellus and Asteroid).
  • Adjusted internal occlusion geometry for a number of internal station components.
  • Fixed seating locators for NPCs/Players on chairs and sofas for better alignment.
  • Fixed the offset default VR camera for the Scorpion when in the livery hangar.
  • Fixed damage decals appearing in unexpected locations on cargo loaders.
  • Fixed head orientation in backwards walking animations to stop a head glitch when 3rd person characters stop running.


  • Fixed weapons being ordered incorrectly at Pioneer Supplies.
  • Fixed a server error appearing when selling some modified suits.
  • Weapon reload speed is now correctly reported as a multiplier, not seconds (e.g. 1x vs 1.25x) as reload speed mods were incorrectly implying they increased reload time.
  • We no longer show settlement info when disembarking at places that are not owned or controlled by a faction.
  • Adjusted the right-hand panel of the options menu to allow for scrolling, so cut-off descriptions can be viewed in their entirety.
  • Improved readability of text on the Carrier Management dashboard's banner.
  • Made sure HUD rings weapon overheats always reset to the correct text colour.
  • Updated squadrons applicant list, the button will remain enabled even with no applicants, with a message displaying 'no applicants' to prevent the UI from getting into a weird state.
  • Multiple icon changes in the various mission panels so that the correct icon size variants are used, preventing them from looking blurry or low-resolution.
  • Fixed the boarding panel/express lift UI displaying placeholder information briefly when opened.
  • The right-hand cockpit panel will now be correctly focused when opening the transfer UI.
  • Made sure all station contact menus are closed properly when necessary, prevents an issue where they would still be visible when closing the game.
  • Remove the quick-plot route delay on carriers, it should now plot correctly on the first time.
  • We now show all galaxy map search results rather than filtering out duplicates, this prevents edge cases where some results could have the same name and we'd erroneously hide one.
  • Mission help popups now correctly listen to the 'back' keybinding.
  • Fixed an issue where text formatting tags would sometimes be displayed in the info panel.
  • Added voice/wing icons to the on-foot HUD in the bottom left, and also made them visible in social spaces.
  • Separation of overdraw bar in outfitting for retracted and deployed into their own bars.
  • Fixed a variety of truncation issues in multiple UIs.
  • Fixed errant multicrew/team markers showing up while not in multicrew turret view.
  • Fixed various issues with the private group menu including an issue which may have caused your own private group to show as not created if you are a member of many groups.
  • Fixed role switch panel improperly updating AI rank when taking over from a multicrew pilot.
  • Frontline enlistment system map mode now shows player criminality status on conflict zones.
  • Fixed an issue to hide rotation button prompts in carrier interior livery screen as these bindings cannot be used.
  • Fixed an issue to ensure the vessel pane of the internal panel updates properly between ship, SRV, and fighter when transitioning between vessels.
  • Players in training simulations will now appear as such in friends lists.
  • Fix promotion inbox animations for Elite I-V displaying as one rank lower.
  • Fix some crime stats not always updating.
  • Telepresence guests will no longer send or receive chat messages based on their physical location.


  • Fix for, and rebalance of previously missing Capital Ship heat relay particle effects.
  • Rebalanced plasma accelerator to more closely match Horizons.
  • Fix for over-bright lightning in stellar phenomenon that could cause visual artefacts on some GPUs.
  • Reduced the proximity of camera shake in the Fleet Carrier elevator, as occasionally players could experience the VFX and audio just by being very close to an elevator.
  • Fix for reactor lighting casting bright spotlights across the room.
  • Rebalanced the tendril effect on the Guardian Fighter.

General Fixes

  • Some modified guardian weapons were applying synthesised ammo damage bonuses improperly. Synthesised ammo will now apply a damage bonus as expected 
  • Shadows would appear to detach from light sources when looking around in VR 
  • Passenger missions offered at outposts now set their expectations of passenger capacity based on ships that could have landed on medium pads.
  • Secondary objective ships in space Conflict Zones now count towards massacre missions 
  • Fixed some massacre missions not registering valid targets correctly at mission locations 
  • NPC visual variety has been fixed
  • System maps for systems you are not in will now have distances reported correctly from the primary star
  • Guardian fighters will now correctly rearm on docking 
  • On-foot commander panel should now display notoriety correctly 
  • Fixed an issue where some suit decals would not be visible when viewed in the vanity camera 
  • SRV Tutorial ability to break tutorial flow fixed 
  • Further increased the scale of the small landing pad schematic used at Odyssey settlements
  • On foot conflict zone enlistment (Frontline dropships) is now properly wiped when returning to a station 
  • Fix for Fleet Carrier weekly upkeep message not displaying 
  • Fixed players sometimes receive system chat messages after they have left the system 
  • Fix for glasses/sunglasses only appearing at close distances 
  • Fix a Black Adder error on the first hyperspace jump after travelling onboard a fleet carrier 
  • Fix for game stuttering when flying away from settlements 
  • Ship kits will no longer block weapon fire 
  • Fixed a gridding artefact on some surfaces near planetary settlements on certain GPUs 
  • Fixed server errors when using Fleet Carrier services that have individual tariffs set

Horizons Update

  • Fixed facilities not showing up in system map for stations 
  • Fixed Capital Ship Weapon Fire audio playing on the wrong Audio Emitter Position
  • Anarchy factions now offer full market value for stolen commodities
  • Fix a bug preventing players from joining newly created private groups
  • Allow pre-engineered modules to have granular modification restrictions applied (e.g. allowing certain CG modules to have experimentals applied)
  • Fix server errors when using fleet carrier services that have individual tariffs set
  • Fixed a disconnect that could occur while deploying a ship launched fighter
  • Fixed a decal which was incorrectly mirrored
  • Re-made the ambient occlusion maps for the Type9 to removed some baked in shadows that should not have been there
  • Fixed SRV bay contents not showing correctly in advanced SRV trainign scenario, blocking progression

Known Issues

  • Cannot use Tap X/Square (XB/PS) input on controller when onfoot. You will need to rebind. This will be addressed in a future update. 

Thank you for your continued support and reports for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey. If you encounter any issues following the update please be sure to report them on our Issue Tracker as soon as possible. 


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