Update Notes

Update Notes

  • (9 April 2024)
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Update 16.01

Greetings Commanders,

Today sees the release of Update 16.01 for Elite Dangerous Live/4.0.

The Elite Dangerous '4.0/Live' servers are now offline until approximately 13:00 BST, when they shall return with the update available to you.

To follow along deployment progress in the Forum, head here: 



  • Multiple fixes made to Mission "Infiltrate the Data Link" - Issue ID 27268
    • Fixed the mission text which was incorrectly stating progress through the mission.
    • The targeted Megaship is now correctly highlighted as a mission destination.
    • The mission title has been updated to better describe the task of the mission (it no longer says "data link data link")
    • Only one mission that targets a Megaship can now be held at a time.
  • Fix applied to prevent game crashes on startup in VR following update 16 - Issue ID 60787 
  • A fix has been applied to prevent some missions from giving out incorrect rewards - Issue ID 35910
  • A fix has been applied to address instances whereby Ax Settlement Restore Power Missions failed to complete - Issue ID 59529
  • A fix has been applied in order to address "Rubber Banding" when Captain views Gunner Lasers - Issue ID 11925.
  • Sirius system permit will now be offered by Sirius Corp after obtaining full Ally status - Issue ID 60854
  • Alioth system permit will now be offered after obtaining friendly status with the Alliance - Issue ID 60974


  • A fix has been implemented to prevent coral sap from teleporting into the air after being shot off a coral tree.
  • A fix has been implemented for a crash that could happen if an unexpected communication with the server occurred, just before engaging your ship's hyperdrive.
  • Ship shields now reform to their current recharge level when re-entering normal space from supercruise.
  • Fixed impounded ship release cost appearing in the UI as the ship transfer time.
  • Fixed duplication of nav panel distress signal after Commanders would disembark and re-board their ship.
  • A fix has been implemented for the inability to be able to increase listing price of high value items by more than 5% in Fleet Carriers.
  • Search & Rescue ships will no longer attempt to use repair limpets on damaged ships that are flying too close to the surface of a planet for them to confidently reach.
  • Thargoid ships will no longer get stuck outside Starports because they are trying to engage targets trying to seek safety on the inside.
  • Thargoid Scouts no longer fly away too quickly when dropping off new Revenants.
  • A fix has been implemented to address a situation where interdictions during multi-crew sessions could sometimes become stuck.
  • Hatch breaker limpets will now take better account of their target's velocity.
  • The ability for a collector limpet to handle obtaining items from the ground has been improved.
  • Fixed squadron rank name changes not working.
  • Larceny missions will now allow you to consistently find the requested item.
  • Fixed a rare issue where embarking your ship could disrupt the flow of a mission, potentially preventing it from being possible to then complete.
  • A fix has been implemented for the French translation of the Cobra Mk III's 'Meteor Purple paintjob', suggesting it was green.
  • A fix has been implemented for the French translation of damage types in the outfitting UI.
  • Fixes have been implemented for some grammatical issues with Russian localised text for rescue missions.
  • Fixes have been implemented for  some grammatical issues in the English localised text for rescue missions.


And with that, Commanders, here's to the safe deployment of Update 16.01 for you today!

Thank you so much for your forever valuable thoughts and feedback which help contribute to the unique experiences had in our Galaxy of Elite Dangerous.

See you in the black o7

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