Update Notes

Update Notes

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Update 17.01 Release Notes

Greetings Commanders!

The Elite Dangerous live/4.0 servers will be offline from 8am UTC for the release of Update 17.01. Servers will be unavailable until approximately 12pm UTC.

Here are the update notes for this release:

Community Issues of note addressed:

  • After accepting a mission from the mission board, players will now be returned to the previously selected mission category screen, rather than the 'all categories' screen.  Issue ID 61992
  • Fixed issues with transferring cargo to fleet carriers and SRVs requiring a relog. You no longer need to break the laws of reality to get your goods. Issue ID 62025

Locations and Environments:

  • Fixed Spire sites that are no longer under Thargoid control having a different masslock impact to fully functional Spire sites. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Hybrid Compound Bin was allowing duplication of the Spire Refinery Compound. 
  • Fixed an issue stopping the SRV from teleporting to the Spire landing pads whilst parked underneath one.


  • The player will no longer receive a "Mission Updated" HUD prompt telling them to collect Spire site resources if they're arriving with all the necessary resources already. 
  • Mission details are now correctly displayed when accepting passenger missions at burning stations. We still don't recommend standing in the flames though.  
  • Fixed issue with mission boards not always displaying the correct destination name and distance. 
  • Spire mission resources taken from other players will now be accepted at mission hand-in. 

AI and Enemies

  • Stopped the Banshees from sometimes jittering sideways in multiplayer. 
  • Fixed Thargoid Scouts sometimes clipping through the planet surfaces. We appreciate stealth tactics but that was a bit much. 
  • Fixed issue where being interdicted near a Titan cloud could result in no Thargoids being present. They have now been given better SatNavs. 
  • Orthruses engaged in scanning at Spire sites will now seek to jump out if attacked. 

Ships, Suits, and Modules

  • Fixed recalled ship arrival clouds sometimes appearing in a different location to the ship. 
  • Fixed an issue transferring cargo that had recently been bought from ships to SRVs. 


  • Removed an unnecessary navigation panel entry after scanning organics on foot. 
  • Stopped some Spire site terrain boundary edges being shown in ship landing schematic when above a planet surface. 


  • Improved appearance of organic objects when viewed from certain angles. 
  • Fixed an issue with rectangular shadows covering large portions of terrain being shown sometimes when approaching Spire sites. 
  • Fixed terrain objects sometimes turning black when exiting the system map. They have got over their goth phase. 


  • Fixed some emissive materials not changing colour correctly at Spires. 
  • Fixed some missing exobiology decals at Spires. 
  • Improved the lighting and emissive material blends at the Spire console.
  • Adjusted some clipping meshes at a Spire where it was possible to sink into the floor. You should no longer find yourselves in the backrooms. 
  • Various paintjob fixes and adjustments for some cosmetic items to make them look extra snazzy. 

We'll be sure to share any updates or changes with you should they become available. As always, if you continue to encounter and issue which should be resolved in this list then please report it to us here. 

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