Update Notes

Update Notes

  • (16 May 2024)
  • (7 May 2024)
  • (9 April 2024)
  • (6 March 2024)
  • (26 February 2024)
  • (12 December 2023)

Update 18 Release Notes

Greetings Commander!

Update 18 has arrived and the war with the Thargoids has entered the end game!

This update includes an exciting update to the story and several fixes. The update is approximately 30GB in size. 

 Features of Note

  • The research has finished, the prototypes have been made, and a production pipeline has been established - Rescue Megaships now stock Guardian Nanite Torpedo Pylons. Aegis has stated "We and all of humanity await news from any intrepid Commander able to bring this tool to bear against the Titans. Good luck".

Issue Tracker

  • System Authority and Power Play agents have been supplied with calming tea and soothing music, so will now no longer have unprovoked aggressive tendencies. They will leave the anger to the pirates as is tradition. (Issue ID 62015)
  • SRV and ship shadows will no longer disappear in VR and flatscreen. (Issue ID 42913)


Locations and Environments

  • Daha Deti 1 A has been renamed to Lumitar in memory of a lost colleague and friend.
  • The on-foot free camera is now prevented from passing through ship hangar walls.

AI and Enemies

  • SRV pilots will no longer be prevented from docking at an unlocked engineer base if the SRV had recently been piloted by a crew member who was not recognised by the engineer.
  • Thargoid ships around Titans have had their optician prescriptions adjusted and will no longer detect players at unexpectedly high ranges.
  • Fixed Thargoid scouts sometimes going idle when they attempt to leave a Titan instance.
  • Fixed recon limpets not being able to reach their intended max speeds.
  • Players are no longer assigned murder crimes for dealing non-hostile damage to objects that are later killed.
  • Thargoid ships have had their alcohol levels adjusted and will now consistently exit from Spires without jittering or rubber banding.
  • Thargon swarms now dock more reliably with Hydra class Interceptors. 

Ships, Suits, and Modules

  • The avatar image of telepresent multicrew members now depicts them in their flight suit, rather than as a generic holograms. 
  • Caustic sinks will now drain existing caustic one at a time.

Fleet Carriers

  • A system in a Thargoid probing state can no longer be selected as a fleet carrier jump destination.


  • Fleet Carrier captain's avatar is now correctly depicted in 'jump completed' and 'weekly upkeep' messages.
  • Introduced "Gravity Well" cockpit message to replace "Slow Down" when travelling at excessive speed near celestial bodies.
  • The option to share a bookmark to your squadron will now only be present if you have permission to share it. The remove bookmark quick action now only removes your personal bookmark, not the squadron one.
  • The displayed count of commanders present in on-foot conflict zones now updates correctly as commanders join the fight.
  • Transferring items between backpack and ship storage is now correctly reflected in the ship's storage UI.
  • Nav beacons now display the correct activity type icons on the ship navigation panel in systems being invaded by Thargoids.
  • The reset to orbit button is now disabled until players have completed the tutorial and have a commander.
  • The fleet carrier countdown to jump timer now updates correctly when viewed from an on foot terminal.
  • Asteroid bases are now labelled as such in the 'Points of Interest' section of the System Map.
  • A route set on the galaxy map will now be correctly recalculated after reloading the game.
  • The caustic damage removed notification now appears as a positive notification rather than a negative one.
  • Influence and reputation are no longer listed in mission rewards in cases where no influence or reputation are awarded.
  • Levelling up an engineer whilst in the workshop UI now unlocks higher tier modifications without requiring the workshop to be closed and reopened.
  • The FSS scanner Info panel now correctly lists the factions in an AX conflict zone.
  • Scythe collection drones will now show up as "Unknown" in the Contacts panel until the owning Scythe has been scanned.
  • Corrected some phrasing in the weekly influence graph of the Galaxy Map.
  • Resolved outdated descriptive text on the Titan's locations.
  • Thargoid Wakes are no longer targetable at extremely large ranges.
  • Corrected some minor grammatical errors.


  • Fixed an issue where one of the Federation branded adverts seen at stations could load an incorrect background image
  • Fixed a positioning issue with some of the floating adverts outside stations, which could clip into the docking portal
  • The loading screen for the Eagle now shows the missing wing-tip geometry
  • Adjusted how some rocks snap to the ground at Spire sites
  • Fixed one of the wrecked Type9 models missing some geometry on the highest LOD
  • Adjusted some meshes on the Spires to prevent the camera from intersecting through the model
  • Fixed some visual issues with the Wheel prop, seen at some Agricultural settlements
  • Fixed streaming issues with the Thargoid Rewards shipkits, where the model and texture data were taking an excessive amount of time to load
  • Fixed a missing animation on the Huge Pulse Laser, so that the weapon barrel recoils as intended
  • Adjusted a shader used for glass materials on some buildings for a new version which improves visuals and stops rendering errors with hologram adverts
  • Fixed the flipped vanity cameras on the Empire Fighter
  • Fixed some scatter rocks which would interfere with payer spawning at a settlement
  • Fixed a problem with the Diamondback Explorer Survey ship kit not retaining the correct paintjob colours
  • Adjusted the hangar cameras for the Imperial Cutter due to them intersecting with some geometry
  • Adjusted the height map used for a Tourist settlement, so that the SRV can deploy more easily from a landing pad
  • Fixed the landing gear on the Diamondback Explorer so that it doesn't appear in front of the hatch
  • The default VR Camera for the Fleet Carrier Management Screen is now orientated correctly
  • Fixed some UI Schematics for the abrasion points seen at Titans
  • Fixed some issues with paintjobs UVs on the Federation Corvette and Gunship
  • Minor fix to the Christmas Jumper cosmetic items
  • Fixed some LODs and decal issues on the Empire Fighter
  • Adjusted some dirt and damage maps used for the Diamondback Explorer to improve quality

Thargoid War

  • Fixed an issue where escape pods saved from star systems with Thargoid Spire Sites would sometimes not contribute to the war effort
  • Improved reporting of counter-attack states

Time to collect your Guardian Nanite Torpedos and challenge the Titans! 

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