Update Notes

Update Notes

  • (28 May 2024)
  • (16 May 2024)
  • (7 May 2024)
  • (9 April 2024)
  • (6 March 2024)
  • (26 February 2024)

Elite Dangerous - 18.04 Update Notes

Greetings Commanders,

Update 18.04 is now available for Elite Dangerous, bringing with it our newest Elite Dangerous spacecraft, the Python Mk II.

Features of Note:

  • Added the Python Mk II.
  • Added pre-built ships:
    • Python Mk II Stellar
    • Python Mk II Standard
    • Exploration Jumpstart Diamondback Explorer
    • AX Combat Jumpstart Alliance Chieftain
    • Laser Mining Jumpstart Type-6
  • Achilles Aerospace completes additional research on Supercruise Overcharge:
    • A full selection of SCO Frame Shift Drives, ratings E-A and Sizes 2-7 with varying specialisations are now available at many markets across the galaxy.
    • Engineers can now apply the Faster Boot Sequence, Shielded, and Increased Range modifications to SCO Frame Shift Drives.
    • All existing Frame Shift Drive experimental effects can now be engineered on SCO Frame Shift Drives.
    • The safety limits on SCO Frame Shift Drive jump range have been lifted. Please enjoy the best Frame Shift Drives humanity has ever produced.
  • Supercruise Overcharge balance:
    • Heat generation has been reduced on most ships (notably making ships with low heat capacities more manageable).
    • Heat generation has been fixed on the Dolphin and Diamondback Scout so they no longer run exceptionally cold when using Supercruise Overcharge.
    • Adjusted the module prices of the C-class modules in line with the new suite of available SCO Frame Shift Drives.
    • Added full black and full white variants of the Titan Destroyed decals - these are automatically available for anyone who has earned an existing variant already.


  • Fixed SCO heat generation being tied to frame rate.
  • Teammate navlock can no longer be used with SCO to teleport unintentionally long distances (but by pure power of friendship, you can still come to a quick halt without taking damage).
  • Fixed a crash when running out of fuel with the SCO active on an Anaconda.
  • Fixed instances of a crash whilst engaging Titans in solo instances.
  • Fixed the "Supercruise Overcharge Unavailable" statistic not being listed for FSD modules in some UI.
  • Fixed non-localised text appearing for ship names in the session logs when selling a stored ship.
  • Fixed "Not enough fuel to maintain overcharge - emergency dropping" appearing overly frequently on the info panel.


  • Fixed the Python's heat vents not glowing correctly.
  • Fixed some ship thrusters sometimes glowing when not in flight.
  • Adjusted the Titan Destroyed decals to stop it getting cut off by the geometry on certain ships.
  • The Wireframe Gold paintjobs have been adjusted to improve their metallic appearance.
  • The icon for the Mamba Gold paintjob has been fixed to more accurately represent the paint job. 

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