4.0 | Now Live!

4.0 | Now Live!

Greetings Commanders,

The deployment of 4.0 for PC Commanders is now complete and available!

The following options will be available to you, following the update, via the Elite Dangerous Launcher:

Odyssey Players (players who have purchased Odyssey):

  • Elite Dangerous: Odyssey
  • Elite Dangerous: Horizons (3.8)
  • Elite Dangerous (Base Game - pre Horizons)

Horizons Players (players who have not purchased Odyssey):

  • Elite Dangerous: Horizons (4.0)
  • Elite Dangerous: Horizons < This is 3.8
  • Elite Dangerous (Base Game - pre Horizons)

(Arena and Combat Training will remain for both).

Previously shared lnformation, along with our most recent FAQ can be found here:

ELITE DANGEROUS '4.0' ACCESS ON PC FAQ : www.elitedangerous.com/news/elite-dangerous-40-access-pc-faq
UPDATE 13, NARRATIVE AND ACCESS TO 4.0 : www.elitedangerous.com/news/update-13-narrative-and-access-40

Please head over to our official Forum for a list of the current known issues and further discussion.

See you in the black o7

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