Discovery Scanner - 06/02/2023

Discovery Scanner - 06/02/2023

Greetings Commanders.

Welcome to another week beginning in the galaxy.


Game News

UPDATE 14.02.

Last week saw the release of Update 14.02 for Elite Dangerous 'Live'. You'll all no doubt be familiar with what was included in the deployment, however if you'd like a recap you can find the update notes here.

[Screenshot: CMDR FiL]


Along with the deployment came some value changes to AX Combat Rewards, which required further clarity for Commanders as to why these changes were made. This information was shared in the form of a Forum post soon after the 14.02 release and can be found here.

We're all aware of the confusion these unannounced balances brought to many of you and once again we'd like to thank you whole heartedly for your patience as we compiled the details for you all.


To add to last week's communication update, we released acknowledgement of two primary known issues from community reports and discussions.


Last week we released a server side fix to address an issue around 'Unresponsive Fleet Carrier Services', which can be recapped here via the Forums.

As an additional acknowledgement this morning, we'd also like to add the following, after increased reports over the weekend:

As mentioned, we are aware of additional raised issues following update 14.02, such as stability around barnacle sites and more, however as soon as we have any further information to share we'll let you know.

Please do continue to contribute to the issue tracker reports with your own evidence and feedback - it supports in the team's investigations to no end.


Class 5 Experimental Weapon Stabilisers are now available!

Incase you missed it, GalNet released an article last week announcing the release of Class 5 Experimental Weapon Stabilisers.

"The experimental weapons stabiliser increases the number of AX weapons which can be installed on a ship. The class 3 variant released last week increases the limit to five, whereas the class 5 variant released yesterday increases it to six."

[Screenshot: CMDR FrankXjr83]


GalNet News Roundup

Our weekly GalNet News Roundup released last Friday, over on the official Elite Dangerous forums where you can candidly catch up on unravelling story arcs and plots.


Frameshift Live #25

Our fortnightly show returns once again this week, with in game news and community favourites shared.

Join Arthur and Bruce from 16:00, this Thursday, February 9th over on the official Elite Dangerous Twitch and YouTube channels.


Stellar Screenshot Winners!

Check out last week's winners of our weekly Stellar Screenshots competition, HERE!

Submit your in game captures using #StellarScreenshots over on Twitter, Facebook and as part of the official Elite Dangerous Stellar Screenshots thread.

All winners picked will receive a special 'Shatter' paintjob for their efforts and will have their winning captures shared on this week's Frameshift Live livestream, as well as our weekly winners announcement post on Twitter.


New In Store!

It's been a little while since new threads dropped for fashion conscious Commanders, but last week saw the release of the new 'Vintage Reflect' suits announced over in the Forum.

The 'Vintage Reflect' comes in 3 colourations bundled together for a total of 16,520 ARX.

Along with the new cosmetic suits came the release of the 'Groove' paintjob set too.

All of which can be found over on the official Elite Dangerous online store.

And with that, Commanders, we have today's Discovery Scanner all wrapped up.

As always, any notable happenings to appear across the course of the forthcoming week ahead will be share via our official Elite Dangerous channels and Forums, so do keep an eye out across whichever you prefer.

Have a wonderful day.

See you in the black o7


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