Discovery Scanner - 07/11/2022

Discovery Scanner - 07/11/2022

Greetings Commanders.

The month of November is spinning along quite nicely.
We hope you had great weekend just passed and welcome you into yet another week rolling into the Galaxy.


Game News

On Saturday afternoon (UTC), some Commanders attempting to enter the Galaxy via Steam were facing an issue whereby their Steam login was replaced with the ‘purchase/redeem’.

  • We are aware that this issue has been encountered sporadically before and primarily advise that, should it happen again in the future, that you do not take action against your account linking in order to independently fix the issue but await further information via official Elite Dangerous channels, as to when communication between Steam and the Galaxy has been restored.

Additionally, regarding Update 14, we’ll keep this note in once again, to maintain confirmation:

  • Update 14 is still marked for release at the end of November. We would like to reassure you that there is no further change to this schedule as of this week and hope to release a formal date for your diary soon.



Canonn Research Interview

During Frameshift Live #20 which aired Thursday, November 3rd, Arthur and Sally hosted a fun and informative interview with Canonn Research and their investigation into the Rogue Signal Sources over on the Elite Dangerous Twitch channel.

Unfortunately, during the livestream, a rogue signal all of its own was encountered in the technical department and the interview experienced a premature cut off.

If you missed out, the interview has been uploaded to the Elite Dangerous YouTube channel in full for your enjoyment, at the following link:


Community Goal Spotlight 

Azimuth Biotech has announced a campaign in the Wandrama system to expand its military and surface facility capacity.

Help, Protect or Stop? Which path are you choosing to take in this last week of Community Goals?

Wandrama system truly is abuzz right now, with the majority of Commanders looking to be in support of helping Azimuth with the expansion of operational assets.

There are two days remaining to contribute toward the current Community Goals. Full details can be found at



The Elite Dangerous Partner Program Launch 

The Elite Dangerous Partner Program launched last week with applications open to any and all players who regularly stream or otherwise produce Elite Dangerous content!

For full details and to complete the application process, head over to the Elite Dangerous Partner Portal at the following address:



Day of the Dead Takeover

This new week sees the final two days remaining of our Day of the Dead takeover on the Elite Dangerous Gamestore.

You have until November the 9th to pick up a suite of sugar skull favourites for your cockpit, from charming bobbleheads to shining string lights!



As always Commanders, thank you so much for sharing your continued passion for discovery across the Galaxy and beyond. 

Here’s to a productive week ahead, once again!

Fly safe.
See you in the black o7



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