Discovery Scanner - 08/08/2022

Discovery Scanner - 08/08/2022

Greetings Commanders!

Rumour has it a certain superweapon is due to fire this week, so let's keep things snappy and give you a quick overview of all the relevant information you may have missed!

Update 13 & The Azimuth Saga Finale

Update 13 arrives on Tuesday 9th August 2022, and brings with it the finale of the Azimuth Saga! Salvation is in the final stages of preparation for his Proteus Wave device, and all eyes are on HIP 22460. If you haven't made your way there yet, time is running out!

Here's the release schedule for the update, we'll let you know if things change:

Time Approximations (BST)  
  • Your 'one hour warning' until server downtime occurs for all Elite Dangerous Odyssey and Horizons players, on all platforms.
  • Update Notes deployed and shared.
  • Server downtime begins for all Elite Dangerous Odyssey and Horizons players, on all platforms.
  • Elite Dangerous servers will be back online across all platforms.
  • Update 13 will be available.

As mentioned in the above schedule, the patch notes are due to be deployed way before the update goes live, giving you enough time to grab a drink and read through the long list of changes whilst you wait for the servers to come back online. 

Whether you're a fan of Salvation or not, if you're in the area, you should definitely make your way to HIP 22460 as this is a moment that will go down in the history of Elite Dangerous, and wouldn't it be great to say you were there?

Azimuth Saga Finale Twitch Drops

It's been a long time coming, but you can now earn some lovely Azimuth paintjobs by watching select content creators on Twitch! The drop campaign is live right now for its first day, and you can earn a paintjob for the FDL by tuning in to one of the streamers listed here for 20 minutes or more.

Showing the three paintjobs, watch for 20 minutes each day to earn them.

Frameshift Live

Join us this Thursday at 4PM BST for the next episode of Frameshift Live! We'll be joined by a range of guests from the development team to discuss the update and the Azimuth Saga in detail, see you there!

Community Goals

Fight The Thargoids In HIP 22460 | 2 Days Remaining

The Proteus Wave project has entered its final days before activation, according to Azimuth Biotech. Thargoid numbers are increasing despite our efforts to hold them back and their fleets are flooding the system!

Community Events

Spotlight: Expedition Dusk Until Dawn
Dates: 15 Aug 2022 > 29 Aug 2022
Start Time: 21:00 GMT+1
End Time: 21:00 GMT+1
Location: Jackson's Lighthouse
Summary: "An Endurance expedition crossing 298,993 estimated light years. We will be doing a Point of Interest trip ending in Beagle Point, A survey in the NW quadrant of the galaxy, and a Point of Interest tour of the Nebula around and near the bubble."

Find out more about this event and more in our Community Event Calendar!


That's all for this week as the whole team is working tirelessly to support the update and finale! We'll see you in HIP 22460, it's been a great journey so far Commanders, let's see how it ends.



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