Discovery Scanner - 12/12/2022

Discovery Scanner - 12/12/2022

Greetings Commanders,

Welcome to the penultimate instalment of Discovery Scanner for 2022, carrying us festively forth into the Elite Dangerous Galaxy on our week ahead...

[Commander Credit for Title Image: Wobbly_o7]

Game News

On December 7th we released update 14.01 in order to tackle some key issues that evolved since deployment of Update 14, the previous week.

As part of the update notes, we included some of the primary known issues being discussed and reported, as acknowledgement.

Below are some of those in the immediate eyeline which are currently widely discussed socially, however please do reference the full list linked above:


[Commander Credit: CMDR AlexxxA] 

Exobiology Update

Further to information shared last week, we released a developer note to help explain a little more about why Commanders focusing efforts on Exobiology ranking were seeing inaccuracies with their rank progression, following recent rebalancing of exobiology payouts.

To read more about this, head over to the following forum post: Elite Dangerous Exobiology Rank Threshold Rebalance Information.


Galnet News Roundup

The latest weekly drop of Galnet News Roundup went live last week.

Recap all of the past week’s news articles in our fun and friendly Forum space or link direct to each to get to grips with the current Galaxy happenings.

Link to article is here for your convenience: GalNet News Round Up - 9 December 3308.


Festive Countdown!

It's back! Our annual Elite Dangerous Festive Countdown begins tomorrow, Tuesday 13 December.

For those not familiar with the Festive Countdown, we have a daily series of Elite Dangerous goodies, from ARX login rewards to special cosmetic releases, shared across our social channels (Twitter and Facebook).

Speaking of login rewards...

Seasons greeting gestures of ARX login rewards will be available daily from December 13, as part of the Elite Dangerous festive countdown!

Festive Countdown 'Daily Login ARX Bonus' Information:

  • Only available via the Live (4.0) Galaxy. Rewards are not available on Legacy (3.x).
  • Players must load into a Game Session (‘Open Play’/’Private Group’/’Solo’).
  • Players do not have to have logged in on previous days to receive the current day’s reward.

Hope you enjoy!


Festive Frameshift Live!

Join us this Thursday, December 15 from 16:00 UTC, for our final Elite Dangerous stream of 2022!

We'll be hosting a fun filled festive show packed with special guest Developers, seasonal games and trips down memory lane from the year endured.


Festive Paint Job Prize Bundle!

Live on this week's Festive Livestream and throughout the remainder of the month of December, Commanders will have the chance to win this [above] rare and unique 'Snowfall Icicle' paint job bundle prize, for engaging in seasonal challenges and activities shared across social channels, Twitter and Facebook and the Elite Dangerous Official Forum.

Keep an eye out for opportunities to win these as the final weeks of the year progress.

Festive Twitch Drops


More fun with paint jobs incoming!

Check out these 'Snowfall Holly' Twitch Drops that will be available for 15 minutes of viewing as part of this week's Frameshift Live Festive Special!

These paintjobs will be unique to this stream and won't be available thereafter, so be sure to tune in to the Official Elite Dangerous Twitch Channel from 16:00 UTC on Thursday 15 December.


Party with our Partners!

To celebrate the festive season, our Elite Partner Program creators will be offering exclusive paintjobs as Twitch Drops!

The Snowfall Party paintjobs will be available for the whole of December (1st to 31st):

  • Krait Phantom Snowfall Party – stream will need to be watched for 30 minutes.
  • Anaconda Snowfall Party – stream will need to be watched for a further 30 minutes (an hour in total).
  • Diamondback Explorer Snowfall Party – stream will need to be watched for a further hour (2 hours in total)  


There will also be an additional Twitch Drop available for everyone streaming Elite Dangerous, and that will be the Type-9 Snowfall Party! Viewers will need to watch 30 minutes of any participating stream to earn this.

If you're not currently familiar with our list of Elite Dangerous Partners in our Partner Program, you can find the roll call in full here.


Last Chance to Enter! 

Closing date 14 December 2022 at 11:59PM UTC.
There are only a few days left to enter our extra special giveaway, for this one-of-a-kind, Elite Dangerous Odyssey gaming chair, in partnership with Noblechairs and Overclockers!

We'll announce the winner on our Festive Frameshift Live Special stream on December 15th, so make sure to join us then!

Enter our competition to win a one of a kind noblechairs x Elite Dangerous: Odyssey gaming chair HERE!

As always Commanders, thank you so much for sharing your continued passion for discovery across the Galaxy and beyond. 

Here’s to a productive week ahead, once again!

Fly safe.

See you in the black o7

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