Discovery Scanner - 13/06/2022

Discovery Scanner - 13/06/2022

Greetings Commanders!

After a busy week, it's good to be able to reflect on the update and what's to come this week! Let's get started with today's Discovery Scanner.

Update 12

Our latest Odyssey update, Update 12, rolled out last week! If you missed the patch notes, you can read them here. If you want the short summary, along with a bunch of optimisation tweaks and general fixes, Update 12 saw the addition of a new mission type, interacting whilst sat down (finally!), and the ability to use your tablet from the 'Captain Chair' of your Fleet Carrier, so you can truly 'engage' from the comfort of your own seat.

If you experienced any issues following Update 12, they may have been addressed by the following hotfix, which you can check the notes for here. This included the return of eyebrows amongst other facial features, and some FPS issues. If you're still experiencing an issue since the launch of Update 12, please make sure to add it to our Issue Tracker.

Frameshift Live

We've got a brand new episode of Frameshift Live for you to look forward to this Thursday at 4PM BST! As always, we'll be going through any game news and community news, but this should also be your first chance to earn the Summer paintjob Twitch Drops, so make sure to tune in to avoid missing out!

Community Events Calendar Spotlight: At The Eldritch Gate Expedition

The Eldritch Gate Expedition

Looking for a new expedition? Make sure to check out the At The Eldritch Gate expedition launching next month, especially if you're a fan of mass jumps like me... more details here!

Commander Creations

BeetleJude's Asp Explorer artwork, showing an Asp overlooking a purple asteroid field.

Ah, another piece of wonderful art from Beetlejude. They simply never get old! 

Comic painting of Salvation removing a Commander's eyebrows whilst sleeping

Whilst it is unfortunate that Commander's eyebrows temporarily disappeared last week, we do have this amazing piece of artwork from The High Wake to remember it by, showcasing what they imagine to be Salvation removing an unwitting Commander's brows.

That's all for this week!


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