Discovery Scanner - 21/11/2022

Discovery Scanner - 21/11/2022

Greetings Commanders,

Welcome once again to another weekly Discovery Scanner to course you into yet another week ahead in the Elite Dangerous Galaxy.

Here's hoping you had a good week just passed.


Game News

  • Update 14.

As mentioned in last week's Frameshift Live #21 and recap post, 'Update 14' will be landing on November 29th.

With just over a week to go, keep watch over the official Elite Dangerous social channels, Forums and here on site for updates on further information regarding the expected schedule for the release on the day, along with any additional information to carry you through to the big moment.

  • Retiring

Last week we announced the pending retirement of a longstanding, familiar source of Galnet news,

For information around reasoning and plans to consider when the time comes, head here to our official statement.

  • Black Friday Incoming.

See you in the Black Friday, Commander? It's that time of the year again where some favourite shades of the Galaxy are on the approach, so once again keep watch on all of our official news sources for more details shortly.


Community Goal Spotlight 

The final hours are approaching for the current Community Goals in play.

Which primary role are you playing in the 'Preparation for Peace'?

"The Kingfisher megaship has requested supplies for its planned journey to greet the first rogue signal source."

System: Andavandul

Station: Blenkinsop Hub

For the full rundown on objectives and progress during the final push, head on over to


To read the latest from Galnet on The Kingfisher Xeno-Peace Mission:



Seasonal Suggestions!

Have you been enjoying being a leaf on the wind with our Autumn seasonal paint jobs? We reached out on Twitter last week for your thoughts on which ships to expand future seasonal sets to, by letting us know in the comments of the following post.

We'd also like to extend thoughts to the official Elite Dangerous Forum Commanders too, so please do feel free to share yours in replies at the following discussion thread.


Community Event Spotlight


EQUAESTA planet 3 B at coordinates 3.7072/3.7545


Any commander may join with the intention to participate, spectate, or help capture content of the event.

Odyssey Required.

Welcome Commanders to the Fighter Racing & SRV Derby event of the century! The Endurance Exploration Squadron is hosting trio of events that will put any commander's skills to the test.
Join us for a low-stress, maximum-fun one of a kind event.


To add any of your Elite Dangerous events to share with fellow Commanders who may wish to take part, head on over to the official Community Calendar at

Commander Spotlight

Join Commander Exorcist this week for their regular tour of the Galaxy, featuring breathtaking locations from their exploration of the Elite Dangerous Galaxy


As always Commanders, thank you so much for sharing your continued passion for discovery across the Galaxy and beyond. 

Here’s to a productive week ahead, once again!

Fly safe.
See you in the black o7



[Title image credit: BrittTheFurry]

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