Discovery Scanner - 25/07/2022

Discovery Scanner - 25/07/2022

Greetings Commanders!

We're getting back into the rhythm of things back at Frontier now that Lavecon is fully in the rear-view mirror! The team are working hard on Update 13, and the culmination of the Azimuth Saga, so today's Discovery Scanner is on the lighter side as we go into full prep mode. That aside, let's check out some highlights from the past week!

Game News


Things are heating up in HIP 22460, and there are a few ways you get involved! Do your part:


The campaign to deliver Guardian artefacts to Azimuth Biotech in the HIP 22460 system has reached its third phase.


FIGHT THE THARGOIDS IN HIP 22460 | 2 Days Remaining

New Federal and Imperial capital ships have arrived in HIP 22460 as Azimuth Biotech's operation nears its conclusion.

Check out the full details here:


Although we don't have the juicy information you're looking for right now, rest assured that Update 13 is still on schedule for August. We're looking forward to sharing more with you but [REDACTED].

Industrial Sale & Hazard Ship Kits

If you've been living under an Elite Dangerous rock over the weekend (or just, busy), you may have missed the release of the brand new Hazard ship kits, and let me tell you, they are a delight. For the first time in a ship kit, you're getting functional lights that are tied to your built in ship lights, so you can really blind your enemy... I mean, really see that asteroid you're mining. 

You can pick them up from the store here, and here's a nice video to show them off in all their glory:

If you're looking to pick up something else, now might be a good time to do so, as the Industrial Sale on the store continues up to the 29th July!

Community Calendar

Spotlight: Chicken Run 2: Crash Harder
Dates: 23 JUL 2022 > 31 JUL 2022
Summary: Chicken Run 2: Crash Harder is the 6th event in the Buckyball Racing Club's Magic 8 Ball championship. It is a test of nerve transporting very delicate cargo to planets with progressively higher gravity. Bring your rebuy wallet.

Don't forget to submit your own events to the Calendar here!


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