Discovery Scanner - 30/08/2022

Discovery Scanner - 30/08/2022

Greetings Commanders.

Bringing you a Tuesday edition of Discovery Scanner this week due to the bank holiday here on this side of The Galaxy.

If you shared one with us, we hope you had a great one, be it relaxing amidst the stars or pushing for new discoveries.

Game News.

Following your thoughts regarding Elite Dangerous '4.0' access on PC, we released our latest response FAQ which we hope will help add more clarity to key questions that arose from the initial announcement.  
You can find the official post here.
As always, thank you for your feedback and please ask any further questions you may have over in the official Elite Dangerous forums.

Communications Pending...

In light of our expansion on further details regarding access to 4.0, we're happy to confirm that we aim execute the plan to roll this out to all Commanders next month, September 2022.

Our plan also remains in place for the Console migration to PC strategy, to also take place this coming September.

A busy month ahead, for sure.

We will of course issue specific information for both events ahead of their roll out, which naturally include specifics on the dates and what to expect of both release schedules and how they affect your day, so do watch out for that as we communicate out across the site, Forum, and official social channels.


Fears Rise of Thargoid Expansion | 27 Aug 3308.
Ships travelling in the vicinity of HIP 22460 have reported so-called ‘hyperdiction’ incidents at increased distances from the Thargoid-controlled system.
To read more read the entry in full here.

Community Events.

Dates: 27 Aug 2022 > 04 Sept 2022
End Time: 11:59:00 PM (GMT+1)
Location: Tepech or Mirataje
Summary: Race number #7 in the Buckyball Magic 8-Ball championship - this race (first run in 3301) is a Fuel Rat inspired test of your ability to make every last drop of fuel count. How fast can you get between Tepech and Mirateje (via Fuelum, LHS 3719 and NLTT 48288) without using a fuel scoop and without fitting additional fuel tanks? As usual this is a time trial event open to all commanders, which can be run on any platform and in either Horizons or Odyssey. See the linked thread in the events section of the forum for full details.
-    Absolutely anyone can partake. No previous experience necessary.

Dates: 03 Sep 2022 > 17 Sept 2022
Start Time: 5:00:00 PM (GMT+1)
End Time: 5:00:00 PM (GMT+1)
Location: Delphi, Carrier TAT Kosmos Gopiy (QBW-56V) near the station "The Oracle"
Summary: On September 3rd, Delphi will launch an expedition into the Formidine Rift. The carrier TAT Kosmos Gopiy (QBW-56V) will serve as the base for the entire duration of the expedition. The primary goal is further exploration and mapping of the sector.
Equipment will remain offline during the voyage, so please make sure your ships are already fully equipped. The shipyard will be online for the duration of the expedition. The planned route passes through some stellar nebulae and places of interest. Open for all players.

Do check out the full proceedings for the week over on the Community Calendar at
Don’t forget - if you have any special events you’d like to submit to the Community Calendar you can do so on the events page too.

As always Commanders, thank you so much for your time. 

Fly safe.

See you in the black o7

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