Titan Combat Rewards & Changes

Titan Combat Rewards & Changes

O7 Commanders,

With the recent Aegis production of Guardian nanite torpedoes allowing commanders to successfully damage the Thargoid Titans we have some exciting news to share. Titan Taranis is currently taking significant damage and presents our best opportunity to deal a major blow to the Thargoid forces. With the Titans focused on survival, we have noticed that Glaive interdictions and hyperdictions have currently ceased. With this in mind, we suggest all Commanders looking to assist in the battle should immediately travel to Hyades Sector FB-N B7-6 to engage the Titan directly.

To aid pilots in the fight against the Titans, all Rescue Ships stock the required modules: Guardian Nanite Torpedo Pylons, Shutdown Neutraliser and Caustic Sink Launcher. The Tech Broker requirements for both the Shutdown Neutraliser and Caustic Sink Launcher have been removed, to ensure that anyone can be fully equipped for the monumental battle. Make use of the Thargoid War view in the Galaxy Map to find Titan locations and real-time battle information - for those of you looking to take on Taranis, the Hutner in the nearby Telin system is the closest Rescue Ship to visit.


Commanders who take part in the final stages of the Thargoid war and participate in the successful destruction of a Thargoid Titan (doing damage to a Titan Heart) will be greatly rewarded for their efforts so they can proudly display their part in Elite Dangerous history.

Players will be able to earn ARX in the following way:


  • Anyone that contributed to the death of a Titan's heart will receive 100 Arx
  • If you were in the top 25% of players dealing damage to that heart, you will receive an additional 100 Arx (200 Total)
  • If you were in the top 10% of players dealing damage to that heart, you will receive an additional 200 Arx (400 Total)

These rewards will be applied retroactively to Commanders who have already taken part in Titan Heart combat.

Looking to show off? Participating Commanders will also receive a ship kit, paint job and decal after the defeat of each Titan. This set will reflect the amount of Titan battles you personally participated in, with each Titan you destroy awarding you a different set, for a total of 8 to earn.

We have also implemented a fix to the amount of credits being paid out to participants, which will now be significantly higher.

Further clarification on the Taranis update and rewards can be found here.

So what are you waiting for Commanders? Head to your closest rescue megaship, get equipped, and play your part to ensure the safety of the galaxy!


[Title Image Credit: Commander Alec Turner]

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